Friday, January 23, 2015

Links to Hispanic/Latino Dolls/Action Figures

Black Doll Collector asked if I would submit a post about Latino dolls and action figures. I had compiled a list of Hispanic/Latino dolls and action figures so I am happy to share that information as well as posts from other bloggers. If you know of additional sites about
Hispanic or Latino dolls and action figures, please leave the web address(es) in the Comments. (Thanks in advance.)

Note: additional posts about Hispanic or Latino dolls and action figures on this blog can be found under the word, "Hispanic."

Note2: usually, I have used the word, "Hispanic," because my understanding had been that "Hispanic" was the "correct" North American-centric term or ethnonym for people who live in the United States whose ancestors came from Spanish speaking countries. "Latino" is the "correct" North American-centric term or ethnonym for people who live in the United States who have Latin American origin or ancestry and who may or may not speak Spanish.

The dolls below may help clarify what I mean. On the left, I have Mattel's Shakira doll, representing the Latina singer. On the right, I have Haschel Toys' Olga Tañón representing the Hispanic singer. (Olga Tañón has also been described as "Latina.") Shakira is Colombian, thus, Latina; Olga Tañón is Puerto Rican, thus Hispanic. 


Teresa's List of Hispanic Barbies and friends, 1980-2009
Lauriko's Teresa section on BarbieWorld, 1987-1998 (Smaller Places mentioned this site)
Roxanne's List of Hispanic/Latino dolls and action figures
Smaller Places Review of Nicole by Kenya's World LLC     
Black Doll Collector's Review of Nicole by Kenya's World LLC
Male Doll World Hispanic Heritage Tribute 2012
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Black Doll Collector's Mattel So in Style Marisa and YNU Group, Inc. Mixis Rosa post


NPR post about Mexican Barbie


The grandmommy said...

I remember this discussion with my Spanish speaking friends from various countries when I was in college back in 19#*! lol

D7ana said...

Hi The grandmommy! I was toddling about then, lol. Kidding. Can't say I've discussed the distinctions with anyone before. Will be interesting to hear what people have to say ;-)

Georgia Girl said...

Great post! It is good to know the difference. I would reference them as Spanish speaking, now I can be politically correct. Thanks for posting!

Black Doll Enthusiast said...

Thanks again, D7ana, for localizing the links to your prior posts on Latina fashion dolls, the term fellow collector, Alex, used when contacting me. I have asked Alex to shed some light on the correct terminology with reference to dolls of Latin/Spanish heritage.

Is it possible to add a search box to your blog?


D7ana said...

Hi Georgia Girl and Black Doll Enthusiast!

@Georgia Girl - we try, yes? My pleasure to post. Thanks for reading ;-)

@Black Doll Enthusiast - you are welcome. Glad to share.

The posts did not show up under the search term "Latina" because I used "Hispanic" or "Latino."

I like the default search box in the upper left; my left column is full now ;-)

Carrickters said...

Thanks for the list of dolls but also thanks for talking about the difference between Latina and Hispanic. I've often wondered what the distinction was although I suspect it might be easy for a non-American to use the wrong term.

carmen gutierrez said...

bien biennnn publicar las diferenciassss, besossss

D7ana said...

Hi Carrickters and Carmen Gutierrez!

@Carrickters - I should point out that the terms "Hispanic" and "Latino" are used by people OUTSIDE those categories. Someone I, a non-Hispanic, non-Latina person, might consider Hispanic or Latino, that person would more likely use a more specific term. "I am Puerto Rican," or "I am Columbian."

@Carmen Gutierrez - Me alegro de compartir mi entendimiento. Por favor agregue cualquier comentario o adiciones que le gustaría.

Debo señalar que los términos "hispano" y "latino" se usan por personas EXTERIOR esas categorías. Alguien que, una persona no hispana, no Latina, podría considerar hispano o latino, esa persona sería más probable utilizar un término más específico. "Yo soy de Puerto Rico", o "Yo soy colombiano."

Muff said...

Thanks for the clarification! I do know that it's only been recently (okay the last 15 years or so) that the us government changed certain forms to state that Hispanic was an ethnicity, not a race.

RoxanneRoxanne said...

Thank you for this information, D7ana. I am still confused. :) Thanks for the lists of dolls, and for the mention!

D7ana said...

Hi Muff and Roxanne!

@Muff - you're welcome. I remember that the 2010 census form asked if the person were "of Hispanic, Latino, or Spaniard descent" and then the next question was, what was the person's race. I am not sure if the 2000 census was that exact.

@RoxanneRoxanne - you're welcome.

It's a complicated topic. One CNN writer states: "In short, Hispanic refers to language and Latino refers to geography." Please see "Which is it, Hispanic or Latino?" article by Cindy Y. Rodriguez - time and interest permitting ;-)

You are welcome to the list and the mention. Your post was a natural one for the topic.