Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The Playscale Swim Suit Issue

In the beginning, Barbie was issued wearing a black-white striped swim suit. And fashion dolls and action figures have swim suits as a fashion staple.

This issue has been somewhat inspired by Fashion Doll Stylist.

Let's start with the most basic white swim wear - painted on briefs for Oliver and painted on bra-tops and panties for everGirl, Get Real Girl Claire and Get Real Girl Gabi. The red-haired everGirl has a strapless bra top while the Get Real Girls wear more modest, full bra-tank tops. Oliver is an exception; most male dolls and/or action figures do not wear white shorts.

Let's see some more sophisticated white swim fashions - white with a little metallic. 

Here are Twist'n turn Casey (Mattel), Suntan Tuesday Taylor (Ideal), Monsieur Z Babes Wild (Integrity Toys), Dynamite Girl Heartbreaker T.J. (also Integrity Toys), and Fashion Model On Location - Milan Barbie (Mattel). T.J. wears the original swim set of Integrity Toys' Nu Face .

Armageddon Xenia (Toy Biz) and Kisara (Takara) wear basic knit swim wear. Xenia has borrowed Bbi Perfect Body's black two-piece and Kisara wears her original black one-piece.

Next, the guys show a range of flesh exposure options. Jericho (Jakks Pacific) wears the briefest swim pants while the unnamed priest formerly known as Commander Adamo (Majestic Studios) and S Club Seven's Paul (Hasbro) are less generous in baring their legs. 

Finally, Sindy (Pedigree) shares Olmec Naomi's black-white striped swimsuit. It's a comfortable fit for her.

Where are the tropical and rainbow colors? Let's see some samples here. I'll let you guess who the models are and which swim suits they are wearing. (The dolls and action figures have been seen here before. The swim suits? Maybe ....)

For those bright tropical colors of yellow, orange, and lime green, here are my favorites:

And what about his tropical swim wear? Some male dolls and action figures vie with the sun.

Jewel and other colors up next. Hers followed by his.

I do have other dolls and action figures wearing or capable of wearing swim suit. Perhaps next year, I will do another swim wear post with more figures and more comments. Have you guessed who my colorful models are?


billa's dolls and fashions said...

Love this post D7ana! Of course I'm not able to recognize any of the dolls, I'm an ignoramus you know, but these swimsuits are such fun. And you brought a little bit of summer in this cold early autumn. I absolutely love the ones the guys are wearing in the last picture, now
I have to learn to sew swimsuits!

this was well worth the wait!

D7ana said...

Hi Billa! Glad you enjoyed this post. I would have liked to have included more dolls and action figures and more comments about the types of swim suits. The last male swim trunks are Mattel My Scene fashions. Glad to share a little summer in this chilly days ;-)

I look forward to seeing your swim suits.

Anonymous said...

Wow, this is a fabulous swim wear fashion show! The white swim suits are very stylish, and I love your Sindy in her suit, she looks adorable. I'm with Billa on recognizing dolls, some I know, but I'm terrible with their names. I like the bearded guy, who is he?

jSarie said...

That's quite the variety of swimsuits!

If I had the patience to do photostories I'd be inspired to put together a tropical vacation plot based on all these. ;)

The grandmommy said...

They all look like they are going to a white party bathing suits only! I never thought of the undies as bathing suits!

Vanessa said...

I got a chill looking at your dollies. You were inspired to do this post, and maybe your post will inspire me to finally make Dasia a swimsuit. I love seeing dolls in swimwear at the pool, or the beach.

D7ana said...

Hi Linda, jSarie, The Grandmommy, and Vanessa!

@Linda - Glad you enjoyed the Show! The bearded guy is ToyBiz's Gandalf. He's one of my favorites ;-)

@jSarie - All of us probably have more swim wear than we think.

D7ana said...

I would love to view/read a photo story about a tropical vacation by you, jSarie!

@The grandmommy - It suited my need to consider the white garments swim wear, but they could be underwear.

@Vanessa - Dasia would rock any swim wear you made for her. She is a natural model ;-)

Unknown said...

Tiffany - Your blog is amazing. I am Temple U student doing some research into doll collections and collectors. Would you be willing to let me interview you?

D7ana said...

Hi Mary! You may have been looking at several blogs. (That's fun!) My name is Dana aka D7ana aka PhillyCollector. Am I the collector you mean?

Unknown said...

Yes, @D7ana, I misread your profile page, sorry! But, yes, you are the one I am trying to reach. Thanks!

Chasing Joy said...

I love looking at all of the doll swimsuits. You make me think about dolls in ways I never would. It's so much fun.

D7ana said...

Hi Mary and Chasing Joy!

@Mary - please send me a message with your questions to d7ana @ yahoo. com . I would love to help ;-)

@Chasing Joy - glad to make you re-see dolls. I hate missing your updates. I will check next time I am at a library. I'm still rooting for Baby Chasing Joy ;-)

Muff said...

Better than Sports Illustrated! The colored swimsuits were my favorites because it looked like they were getting into it by stroking.

april_n_paris said...

Oh D7ana, I just LOVE this post. All grouped together, it's so interesting to see the dolls and their vast array of featured swimwear. They're all quite chic, at the end of the day. I agree with Muff....Better than Sports Illustrated. PS. Thanks for the shout-out.

Carrickters said...

Did you do this one specially for me - we are heading for our hottest October on record. All your dolls look very on trend for their swimwear, particularly the tropical colours. I'm not sure about the painted on swimwear/underwear. It would certainly affect the kind of clothes the doll could wear.

D7ana said...

Hi Muff! Glad you enjoyed the post. They were showing off their strokes, ;-)

D7ana said...

Hi April_n_Paris! I had considered showing the swim wear by date then I thought, how would April do this? By style, I answered. Then it hit me - what about color? By color ... and that seemed right ;-)

D7ana said...

Glad this post came at a good time, Carrickters!

I dislike painted and molded clothes, too. Eh, but the companies do that. Shame.

I hope you get some relief from the heat ;-P

Jaye said...

I hate the painted on clothes. Why? I saw a Black Chelsea doll lately and thought she was cute, but I had to pass because she has a painted on top and I can't be bothered to re-body the smaller girls too.

I get the swimsuit thing with the dolls. I liked this post and the models. They did a good job.

Unknown said...

Hello from Spain: I like your collection. I also liked your photos. Fabulous Variety of swimwear.Keep in touch

D7ana said...

Hi Jaye and Marta!

@Jaye - I would rather NOT have painted on clothes, too. It's only mildly annoying to me though. If I like the face enough, shrug.

@Marta - Good to hear from you. Glad you enjoyed the swimsuit collection. Will keep in touch ;-)

Trisha said...

hahhaaa "better than sports illustrated" great post. I like seeing what kinds of dolls are out there. thanks for educating me! :D