Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Goodbye to the Starlight Girls - Prelude to Body Snatching

When I first got the Starlight Girls from the Jem series, I was thrilled. I had not seen the girls for sale when the Jem line was first out in 1985. So I paid a leetle more for them than I intended - got them from eBay. Set them aside for a someday-I'll-play-with-them moment.

Well, I looked at them again the other day. And while I liked their faces, the size of their heads in proportion to their bodies ... I didn't like. The heads seemed too big. Cute faces. But the bodies should be larger.

So I am saying goodbye to the Starlight Girls as Starlight Girls. I'm going body snatching, and they'll soon be adult women. As for their child bodies, I'll check my Mattel stash to see if any of those dolls need heavier, younger bodies.

Here is the last of Banee and Krissie


Niel Camhalla said...

I think they'd look interesting in adult bodies.

D7ana said...

I'd been looking at their faces, and I think that they could make the transition to adult bodies. I'll try anyway ;-D