Monday, June 29, 2009

New I-Girls Folder in Webshots

Here's the link ....

I-Girls folder


Niel said...

I wonder why there's not much info on the I-girls on the web, even in Lanard's site. The truth is I only heard of the I-girls from you.

MissSpottyJane said...

They look like very attractive play sets. The faces are cute.

D7ana said...

I find the I-Girls friendly cute. Not glamorous, but attractive in a wholesome way. I like the accessories, too, although I'm thinking personalized paint jobs would improve them.

There isn't much information on the I-Girls. (Not compared with say, the Get Real Girls, who I consider their peers/competition.) I have found these links interesting: one that states that I-Girl Paris was released only in 2002 and another belonging to an action figure collector that shows a review of Aspen, one of the I-Girls I did NOT get.

I bought my I-Girls from Small Blue Planet, a DAF source no longer in business. It seems to me that there were others who carried this line, but I don't think that they were widespread.

I'll check on some of my action figure boards for more information.

Thanks for reading my blog and for your comments ;-D

Niel said...

From what I understand, these dolls are no longer in production? Too bad.

D7ana said...

No, the I-Girls don't seem to be in production any longer. On the Lanard website, they have a photo of an I-Girl Hottie, but I don't think that doll was ever produced.

Shame. They are cute dolls, inexpensive AND pose-able too. (At least they were under $20 regular and about $7 on sale.)