Tuesday, June 30, 2009

June Brides and Photo Link to June Bride Photos

June almost slipped by without a bride photosession for Philly Collector. Then I viewed what Mark at Supercooldollhouse had posted regarding June brides. His settings and doll posings inspired this post. Thanks, Mark!

Bride Old

1966-1967 Bend leg Francie wears Francie original "Victorian Wedding" from 1969-1970

Bride New

1997 Club Wedd Barbie (African American) in her original outfit and inner box liner

Bride Borrowed

2002 Rio de Janeiro Lea borrows a Barbie Royal Circle gown AND a New Ray motorcycle

Bride Blue

1999 Marlena Evans bride in her original pale blue gown

Traditional Bride and Groom

Integrity's Alysa and Alejandro in their original bridal finery - because the bride is incomplete without the groom. Such is the nature of the role - big grin.


Dolls of Color said...

hehehe Francie looks like she's running away!

I did a few photos for June bride too - 01 02 and 03. It is FR Giselle dressed in wedding dress from the Barbie Phantom of the Opera set.

D7ana said...

Francie is running.

To or away from ... not for me to say LOL.

Oh, I HAVE to see your FR Giselle redressed in that Christine outfit. Must be rich on the eyes ;-D

Dolls of Color said...

the pics are in the numbered links in my last comment ;)

D7ana said...

Your FR Giselle looks gorgeous in those sepia-tinted photos. (I like that effect ... works with the outfit and the doll and gives it an other timely feel.)

Thanks for sharing the links!

Niel said...

One thing I really like your blog is the diversity of your dolls. Given just the June bride theme you were able to show a number of characters for a bride. ^_^

D7ana said...

I love the diversity of my dolls and action figures ... it's like having the world with me. I'm glad you enjoy the range, too ;-D.