Saturday, August 1, 2009

Paucity of Asian American Dolls

While checking online sources about Kayla, Barbie's multi-ethnic friend, I came across an interesting statement regarding the paucity of Asian American ethnic dolls on page 163 from Visible Differences by Dominic J. Pulera.

I have put that book on hold at my free library. The good people at the library will find and set aside the book for me to pick up. (Ah the joys of urban living - grin.) If there are additional points of interest regarding collecting, I will mention them after I have read the book.

Oh, and what about my Kayla research?

A BBC Newsround 2002 article briefly discusses the introduces of Kayla to the Barbie friends group.

A Boston Globe article from 2003 describes Kayla's place in the doll market. (Link 404'd)

And I found a web page showing the Kayla/Lea Facemold by European doll collector, Katti who shows the incredible flexibility of this facemold. Therese, take note: the Sophisticated Wedding Barbie 2002 AA might be that dark complexioned Kayla mold doll of your dreams.


Dolls of Color said...

I bet she costs a fortune though! Dolls with uncommon skin tones and face paint always do on the secondary market :(

Niel said...

Very beautiful Kayla dolls. When I 1st saw the AA Kayla bride I love it instantly!

Yesterday I scored a Kayla head on a clone body. She was dark-skinned with blonde hair! One day, I'll post her photo after I find her an outfit that would suit her (at least how I imagine her character).

D7ana said...

I see the Sophisticated Wedding Barbie AA for $55. I have never done business with that particular seller before so I would check before placing an order there.

Aside: the Pink Ribbon AA Barbie resembles the AA Sophisticated Wedding Barbie face. Pink Ribbon could be made from the goddess face mold or the Kayla/Lea face mold.

D7ana said...

Niel, congratulations on that Kayla find! I look forward to seeing your new doll after you have her properly dressed (as in proper to her character ;-D).