Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sites for Playscale Male Clothes

Need a Michael Jackson tee shirt for your male doll or action figure? What about Marilyn Monroe or Bruce Lee for that tee shirt? You can probably find a photo of any of those stars and then transfer that image to an iron-on transfer sheet. Do it yourself. Or you can buy a ready-made tee from a friendly online action figure shop.

Below are some sites I have shopped:

Tee shirts available at Cotswold Collectibles

Loose clothes at Monkey Depot

Fashions by Dreams and Visions at War-Toys

And here is a supermarket of fashions and accessories where I have NOT shopped yet, One-Sixth Depot. In addition to clothes, you can find other loose items.

Things to consider when shopping at action figure shops:

1. The market slant is adult collectors; female figures might have nipples.

2. Click links you think have nothing to offer you; just because the manufacturer and the seller intended a certain shirt as part of a uniform, you might look at that same piece for a civilian outfit or costume party.

3. Sometimes you can get a complete boxed figure with a full outfit at a reduced price. Instead of getting the clothes separate, see the clearance section. A dressed boxed figure on clearance could cost less than the sum of the individual pieces.

4. Even if you decide against buying anything, you can get male clothing ideas from the photos for your male dolls and action figures.

When you cannot find tolerable Ken wear, remember your options.


Niel said...

nice to have options. :)

D7ana said...

Oh, yes ;-D

ModernWizard said...

For those of you looking for civilian clothes for playscale guys, check out my post on "Finding dull doll clothes." I've had good luck at War Toys and Old Joe Infirmary.

D7ana said...

Thanks for the endorsement and the additional links, E.A. I like the A.J. Clothiers and Triad best. (Triad's prices though are another thing :-D).

Note: the Adventure Team link goes to a page about them being on Facebook now.

@ebonynicole81 said...

Thank you Diana, my boy needs some new clothes!

D7ana said...

You're welcome, Ebony!

Glad to know that your guys will have new clothes AND that those companies will get more business.

BTW, I am actually "Dana". I added the "7" to distinguish myself from another "Dana" on a Yahoo Group forum. Then I continued it on other doll forums because that's one of the few ways I can Google myself and get accurate results LOL. Shrug.