Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Prettie Girls Update

Remember the special limited edition Obama 2012 Prettie Girl Sophia dolls by One World Project? Well, I did and here is the latest per that website. The Sophia doll - available in a blue ball gown or in a white tee shirt and jeans - will ship in time for Christmas 2012. So if you have an interest in political dolls or commemorative dolls, see if these dolls will win a place in your collection. Only 2,012 dolls will be created. The Classic Editions will cost $49.95 - markdown alert, price had been $79.95 - while the Signature Editions will cost $149.95; the Signature Edition includes a hand-signed Certificate of Authenticity by designer Stacey McBride-Irby.

I had cancelled my order for them - alas - but I look forward to seeing anyone else's photos of them. (Yes, that is a hint to DBG.)

Anyone buying? Nosy me ;-D

P.S. The other Prettie Girls are due April 2013. I am still interested.


Carrickters said...

Wow, a political doll that commemorates an election - is this something new or has it been done before in America? The prototype dolls in the photos look very pretty.

Black Doll Enthusiast said...

Thanks for the update, D7ana. I just hope I actually receive the two I ordered sometime during my lifetime.


Vanessa said...

Thanks for the update. I did not order, but I've been anxiously awaiting the arrival of all the dolls. It would have been nice if this presidential doll was available at the beginning of the campaign season. I'm sure they tried. But if President Obama doesn't win this November, it would be bittersweet to receive those dolls in December. Maybe it's just me.

D7ana said...

Hi and thanks Carrickters, DBG, and Vanessa!

@Carrickters - One World Project's Sophia is the first playscale doll that I am aware of tied to a specific candidate (president). There have been other joke-y representatives like bobble headed dolls, but not so much political candidated dolls. That I am aware of.

@DBG - hope you get yours and that they exceed your wishes. I hope you get them THIS YEAR ;-D

@Vanessa - you're welcome. I think the dolls were to have come out in 2011, but the company did not bring them out then.

The dolls can still remind us of President Obama's being president. But I understand how the dolls might rub the wrong way if he didn't win.

Me, I like the looks of the dolls and that they are poseable. I am not a Donald Trump fan, but I like the doll Donald because he provides variety in the doll community. So even if the President is not re-elected, I would like the Sophia in jeans because she looks cute, her outfit looks cozy, and she's a poser ;-D

Roville said...

I’m impressed with how pretty they are. Are their legs articulated or bendy? I also wonder if their shoe size is compatible with babs shoes. I don’t plan to buy this doll at this time. Sophia at the White House Ball, in my humble opinion, wears a cheapish looking dress. Sophia Loves Her President doesn’t offer anything new other than her pretty face. I don’t understand how the difference between Classic and Signature warrant such a big price jump. Having said that, I am staying tuned for the play dolls. I assume they will be more price friendly and if they are as pretty as Classic and Signature I might enjoy one even if I have to do a body switch. I do like the theme and think this doll would be a sweet gift for a little girl who is proud of her president.

D7ana said...

Hi Robin! I agree that they're pretty - and that the blue dress looks cheap. (It does.) I prefer the blue jeans Sophia because she doesn't have the blue glitter gook on her face, too.

Their feet look bigger, but I have other dolls with bigger feet so I hope to find mates among them. (Fingers crossed.)Their knees seemed to be articulated in a photo I saw of them. There are images of the other dolls online.

I would buy the Classic one - the Signature doesn't matter to me.
The playline dolls will cost about $20, I think.

Adrian said...

Thanks for the update, I was wondering about these girls. I won't be ordering neither of these two, but I am looking forward to the playline dolls.

D7ana said...

You're welcome, Adrian. I'd like the Sophia in jeans and maybe some of the others. I also look forward to the playline dolls.

Misty said...

The dolls are articulated per this interview:

I would like the Sophia in the jeans but will only order when they are actually shipping.

D7ana said...

Thanks, Misty, for the link to BDC's site ;-D

I should note that the prices for the dolls per DBG's post are from $19.95 - $24.95. Not bad for a playline doll that is already jointed and dressed.