Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Kmart/Sears Jade Princess Fashion Doll Query

Does anyone recognize the parent toy manufacturer for this fashion doll? She is redressed in a Barbie Fashion Fever "dress" and I-Girl Paris' jeans. I bought her in 2008 from a Kmart store. She was part of the Just Girlz series. Like the Black dolls in the Just Girlz series, her box ties her to Sears Holding Corporation. A fellow collector informed me that those dolls were created by Integrity Toys, but this doll does not resemble the IT dolls. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance ;-)


MissSpottyJane said...

I think there were at least three contributing companies to the Just Girlz line, and I wish I had bought them all. Integrity put in the AA dolls with the Alysa or Jade head mold. Chic Boutique released some really nice AA and hispanic dolls, much nicer than their usual Chicas a la Moda. I think you have one by Jakks, I think it has the same body as their Muneca de Moda Damita & Catalina dolls. I got one Integrity and one Chic Boutique doll from the line, but none of the (possibly) Jakks because I just didn't feel like paying $18 or so for a clone.

Ms. Leo said...

MissSpottyJane is spot on! There was at least three contributing companies and that one is the Jakks. I got that one because of her dress. I purchase her for cheap because the box was beat up badly. I couldn't pay the 18 bucks that was asked for for this doll even with the dress. She is on Liv body now.

The IT dolls were the best in the line and sold out first! Some of the outfits were cute and some, not so much.

It is time for another manufacturer to make a run at Mattel. They need another good shake up and I need some new doll faces and some great guys!

D7ana said...

Thanks, MissSpottyJane and Ms. Leo, for sharing this information. Yes, this doll was about $18 - and I didn't like the dress as much as I wanted the different face.

@MissSpottyJane - I do think that the body is the same as the Catalina/Damita dolls - the hands have that same splayed pose.

Thanks for the tip about the Liv body, too, Ms. Leo. While I would like for this doll to be more poseable, I like that she has a fuller body almost more ;-}

I am hoping that the Prettie Girls and that the new Mixis dolls get out. Someday ... sigh.

jewel snake said...

Wow, she's so beautiful! Same with Catalina and Damita dolls. Do you know if they are available in any internet shop? I was searching fr on Ebay, but without luck, and I can't buy them in Poland.

Vanessa said...

I love her face. This is my first time seeing this mold. Cute bag, too.

Georgia Girl said...

I have this one also. I bought her for her dress and ended up liking her as well.

limbe dolls said...

Like the other commentors, I resisted paying $18 for these Jade Princess dolls when they were in Kmart. I loved the ancient Chinese gowns they wore but I kept waiting for them to go on clearance while Kmart was going bankrupt but they never did. I've been kicking myself ever since for not buying them.

I got one for $10 at a doll show two years ago. The box indicated that the doll was made by Integrity Toys. Her face does look a little like an early Integrity toys doll that I bought at Toys R Us in the late 90s or early 2000s. Whoever made her I wish they would bring back more Asian dolls!

D7ana said...

Hi Jewel Snake, Vanessa, Georgia Girl and Limbe Dolls!

@Jewel Snake - I do not know of any European dealers selling the Jakks Pacific Muneca de Moda Catalina/Damita dolls. I don't know if that pair of dolls were marketed that extensively ;-}

@Vanessa - glad to show a new face to you. Oh and her bag is from Integrity Toys. It was sold with two Janay variations.

@Georgia Girl - glad you liked the floral pink dress/kimono/hanbok? she came in. Her eyes are a little bit wonky, but I like her open smile. And she has a solid weight to her. I think her arms should have been a little bit longer for her head and her body, but her face drew me in.

@Limbe Dolls - oh, yes, the $18 price almost made me not get her, but it's so rare to see an Asian fashion doll, I bit my cheek and paid it. Ouch, then. Whew, now ;-) Congrats though on getting her at a better price.

I could use more Asian dolls, too.