Thursday, November 28, 2013

Halloween Photo Contest Kelly and Friends Leaving for New Homes

Halloween Kelly and Friends to be Chosen

Okay, the kiddies will be going to their new homes: Super Cool Doll House chose Dragon Tommy and ethnic Peppermint Kelly. So the remaining contest prizes are

Mummy Tommy (blond) and Spider Belinda (black hair pulled back)

I Can Be a Nurse Kelly (blond) and ethnic The Princess and the Pauper Kelly (brunette)

Pumpkin Nikki and Clown Kelly (both blond)

I'm contacting the remaining contestants to remind them of their prizes and to ask them for their choice of doll and sites to be tweeted.


Super Cool Doll House said...

Yay! So THANKFUL to hear this today!

D7ana said...

LOL, glad to hear that Super Cool Doll House. Hope you are still happy when the kiddies get there. (No telling what they'll get up to once you let them out of their boxes, ;-D)

Lindaivette38 said...

Hola, que bien, felicidades a sus dueños. Por acá no venden Tommy, solo Kelly's y no sabes cuánto anhelo uno. En fin, cuídate, hasta pronto.

D7ana said...

Hola Lindaivette! Oh, no hay Tommys? Qué vergüenza.

Tommy y Kelly no están saliendo - al menos, no creo que son. Ellos son sólo amigos;-) Por otra parte, es decir, en mi mundo de muñecas. Creo que son demasiado jóvenes para la datación;-)


Oh, no Tommys? What a shame.

Tommy and Kelly are not dating - at least, I do not think they are. They are just friends ;-) Then again, that is in my doll world. I think they are too young for dating ;-)

Unknown said...

I would like the spider kelly. thanks again

D7ana said...

Hi Yvette and THANKS for sharing your incredible Halloween photos here. Spider Kelly is yours; please just let me know your mailing address either through d7ana AT