Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Fashion Insider Ken Borrows Action Figure Clothes

Fashion Insider Ken, one of the Silkstone Ken dolls, borrowed a few action figure clothes. As you will see in these photos, FI Ken adds elegance to standard black cargo pants, Power Team jeans, pinstriped shirts, and an abstract print jacket. The black-white sneakers shown are from the Get Set Club (G-Five) dolls, and they fit him nicely.

So Silkstone Ken fans who want to expand their Kens' clothing options should look in the green aisle aka the male action figure fashion websites. In addition to military clothes, there are also casual fashions and sometimes a few dressier pieces. Please see previous posts on Ken in action figure garb here.

One final note: unless your Ken is channeling Santa in off hours or has gained weight, avoid Soldiers of the World jeans. Those pants have a wider waist than most other male dolls or action figures need. Off the Soldiers of the World figures, those jeans look like granny-and-grandpa jeans where both grands can fit in the pants at once.


Niel Camhalla said...

Nice! He looks like he has a fuller butt in the 1st photo.

D7ana said...

I thought so, too.

He's wearing his boxers under the pants so that might help, but I think he has a fuller butt and bigger hands than most Kens. His torso is definitely fuller.

I'll see about doing a post comparing him and other Kens. Overall though, Kens and Joes tend to have flat butts especially compared to Hot Toys guys. Sigh ... those Hot Toys guys ...