Saturday, June 18, 2011

Jody, the Country Girl Doll

June must be Accidentally Seventies month. The Sunshine Family, Tuesday Taylor, now Jody, the Country Girl doll have been mentioned so far. Jody was the product of an idealized vision of the American West as shown on popular television programs like Little House on the Prairie and Sara.

Jenny Jones and Baby John were walking down Old Country Road when they came across a quaint building. Lo! It's the barn of Jody's Horse and Farm. Jenny can't resist a peak inside. Oh, so bare. Well, Jody's in a sanitarium, and the Horse ran away. (He got hungry, see.)

Perhaps you are curious about the exterior? Well, here's how the other side looks. The exterior of Jody's barn on her Farm:

I had the Country Kitchen, the Victorian Parlour, the Schoolhouse carrying case, the shown Horse and Farm, and I think the General Store. Had two Jodys as well. (But not the Black one, alas.) Jody was always sick from an overload of saccharine storylines.

For additional photos of the Barn part of Jody's Farm, see this Webshots folder.

Additional readings about Jody and photos of her and her Country Kitchen playset can be found here.


Black Doll Enthusiast said...

The 70s was a cool period in America, post the somewhat turbulent 60s and the Civil Rights Movement. It was my coming of age period... a doll-less time for me, but I love dolls from that era.

As an adult, I acquired the AA version of Jody, but none of the accessories. Her box reads:

"Pretty as a picture, yet dressed for play in her old fashioned dress and pretty pantaloons. Fairy tale long hair down to the tip of her high buttoned shoes. Sitting or standing poseable Jody is ready for active play."

Any plans to feature Dawn dolls in your 70s doll series?


D7ana said...

I had Dawn dolls - Dawn, Jessica, and even Dale (I think), but no, I won't feature any Dawn dolls. I no longer have any, lol. The last one I had was Kip Majorette, and I sold her to a collector in Greece.

I might do something about the Love series although I only have Love left from that series. Had the others as a child, but they were stolen from our porch when I left them out overnight. Sigh.

I do have the Victorian Parlour and the Country Kitchen walls, I think. Gave away the Schoolhouse carrying case a few moves ago. So you may be able to see some of them.

BTW, I think that the Black Jody was sold separate - just her in a box, without the room and furniture. That's probably why I didn't get her. Sigh. Not pouting though ;-D.

limbe dolls said...

Thanks for the reminder about Jody. I coveted the black version of this doll because she would have been the right size to fit in with my Skippers and Mattel wasn't producing any black Skippers at the time. I wanted to pair her with Bob Scout but never scraped together enough allowance to get either one. I would never have remembered her name if you hadn't made this post.

Frannie said...

I love the 70's dolls. Last month I saw an AA Jody on E-Bay, had her in my watch list. But lost her because I took so long to decide if I wanted her or another doll.

Black Doll Enthusiast said...

Okay... maybe I'll include Dale and Van on my blog later (Dawn's friends).

The fact that AA Jody did not come with any of the accessories is probably why I do not have any accessories. Dolls are my thing... accessories take up space that dolls can occupy (IMO).


D7ana said...

Hi, Limbe Dolls! Yes, Jody would be the right size to play with Skipper. Jody would have been more mature though - she has moderately full breasts - but height-wise, she would fit. I am glad to have jogged your memory about her ;-D

Hi, Frannie! You, DBG, and me with a liking for 70s dolls. Okay, there are likely more of us out there, hey?

Hi, DBG! I would love to hear your views about Dale and Van. Count on me for a comment there, lol.

I agree with you about dolls coming first. It's always been that way for me, too. I mean, I could make or borrow clothes, but the actual dolls? The other things are nice, fun props. Dolls first though.

Um or action figures. DAFs, okay guys? (That's to my naughty Joes.)

Travel USA said...

Frannie, you now have a second chance for A Jody doll. Was thinking about posting my Jody's and the houses/stores on eBay but didn't want them to go to just someone who wanted to mark them up and resale them, bit to someone who loved playing with them like I did. Willing to sell them all reasonably to any non-commercial buyers. Tara

D7ana said...

Hi Tara! I sent Frannie a comment about your having the Jody doll for sale. Frannie's blog is .

Travel USA said...

Thank you for passing my message into Fran! We connected about the Jody dolls. Loving this blog, so glad I stumbled upon it!