Sunday, July 10, 2011

New 12" Hasbro Joes? Bring on Those Real American Heroes!

Hasbro is bringing our favorite guys back. Stand and applaud the 2011 Return of the 12" Joes! Whooo hooo! Feet stomping and hands clapping.

Check out these new Hasbro G.I. Joes on ASMzine:

Police and K-9 unit has a German Shepherd dog that is a MUST for playscale animal collectors. I mean, that is one fierce looking dog. No curly eyelashes or drug-user airs about that doggie. That's the dog I would take were I a police person. Watch out for those pointy teeth!

First Responder Firefighter has cool looking firefighting gear. Tired of the firefighter suits found on some dollar store figures? (I've got at least one cheesy firefighter suit myself. I mean a playscale one, lol.) Or honor your favorite firefighter with this 1:6 scale replica.

Check out this Paratrooper with a working parachute. Granted, you will NEVER find D7ana emerging from an airplane or parachute, but isn't it a neat figure set?

If you missed out on the Return of the 12" Joes from 1993-2002, here's your chance to get similar figures. Where to get them? Try your local toy stores or an online shop like BigBadToyStore.

May you find the playscale heroes of your dreams.


limbe dolls said...

I'm excited about the K-9 police Joe. Let's hope Hasbro's move will spur Power Team to bring back their 1:6 scale figures as well.

Silent G said...

I am actually ecstatic to see the return of 12" Joes.

Ever since they announced these back in April at the G.I.Joe Convention, I've been awaiting them.

As much as I love my higher end stuff, I always loved Hasbro's 12" releases. Whilst often hit or miss on some things, there was usually always something that made each purchase worth it.

I'm mostly looking forward to getting about 4 of these guys:

To use an inexpensive troop builders for stories with my characters. I think BBTS' prices are a bit high, I'm guessing actual retail on these is probably closer to $18-$20. But for that price I'm getting a body, outfit, and more of the gear that I can then mix with some loose higher end gear and make some neat stuff.

I always liked Hasbro's knack for never making camouflage patterns right (or identical even with the same camo), but this always worked fantastically as it gave you something that you could use as something foreign or often science fiction (Hasbro had this neat "mint" green tiger stripe camo with a figure) that wasn't directly identifiable as a specific country's camouflage. Granted, coming from a more paramilitary collector, such Hasbro offerings did still have a great thing with the camo as well, something that you brought up on this blog not too long ago... "Fashionflage" :)

I hope the sales of this line are good so that they will continue it... Now... if only 21C could make a return :)

Frannie said...

About two or three weeks ago, I went to a garage sale and the lady was selling her husbands 2 vintage GI Joes. Nude, not in too bad condition.
I picked up the 2 GI Joes and the German Sheppard (missing tail, but concluded his tail is in the body cause I hear rattling) And also the white tiger in the cage.
Can't wait to see the Joes in the stores!

Vanessa said...

Oh goodness. YOU don't need anymore uncontrollable Joes over there. They are neat and they do have cool props.....but they are still short!

D7ana said...

Hi Limbe Dolls, SilentG, and Dollz4Moi. I, too, hope that Hasbro's new line prompts other 1:6 scale figure production. Fingers crossed on that.

Vanessa, sigh ... I know the danger that I face. But these might be sweet Joes. Maybe ;-D