Sunday, February 19, 2012

For Sale February 2012

Model Name Price
Happy Family Dad & Son Alan and Ryan $30.00

Barbie Millicent Roberts, 1st Barbie $25.00

Bead Blast Barbie $10.00

Best Model: Monte-Carlo 2006 Barbie $30.00

Birthday Wishes Blue 2005 Barbie $25.00

Butterfly Art Barbie $10.00

City Style Barbie $10.00

Elektra of Marvel Comics Barbie $8.00

Fashion Fever Wave V Barbie $10.00

Fashion Fever Wave B Barbie $10.00

Fashion Fever Wave R - Modern Trends Barbie $10.00

Fashion Fever Wave R - Modern Trends Barbie $10.00

Fashion Fever Wave N - Styled by Me Barbie $15.00

Fashion Fever Holiday Barbie $20.00

Fashion Fever 2006 Barbie $10.00

Fashion Fever 2007 Barbie $10.00

Feelin' Groovy (Billy Boy) Barbie $20.00

Festival of the World: Chinese New Year Barbie $30.00

PomPom Divas Fly Girls Barbie and Teresa $18.00

Generation Girl Barbie $18.00

Fashion Model Collection: Highland Fling Barbie $25.00

Hip Barbie - AA $8.00

Hip Barbie - AA $8.00

Doll of the World: India Barbie $25.00

Birthstone Beauties: May Barbie $10.00

Birthstone Beauties: June Barbie $10.00

Birthstone Beauties: November Barbie $10.00

Movie Star (British version) Barbie $20.00

My Graduation 2004 (Mi Graduacion 2004) Barbie $20.00

DorW: Polish Barbie $10.00

Pretty Flowers Barbie $8.00

DotW Princess of Ancient Greece Barbie $30.00

DotW Princess of Holland Barbie $15.00

Radiant Rose Barbie $30.00

Fairytopia Sparkle Fairy (Blue) Barbie $10.00

Pop Icons Veronica Barbie $10.00

The Island Princess Barbie $10.00

Target Special Edition Halloween Party Becky $9.00

Cali Guy Blaine $15.00

Li'l Friends of Kelly Chelsie $5.00

Barbie Diaries Courtney $15.00

Rebelde: Elite Way School Set Diego and Roberta $18.00

Fashion Fever Wave B - Asian Fruits Drew $30.00

Fashion Fever Wave C Drew $10.00

Fashion Fever Wave V Drew $25.00

Disney: High School Musical Gabriella $15.00

Rebelde: Elite Way School Set Giovanni and Lupita $18.00

Wedding Day Groom $15.00

Fashion Fever Wave V Kayla $15.00

Target Special Edition Halloween Party Kelly $9.00

Beach Fun The New Look Ken $10.00

Cali Girl Ken $10.00

Fashion Fever Ken $15.00

Fashion Fever Wave S Modern Trends Kurt $15.00

Li'l Friends of Kelly Marisa $10.00

Candy Glam Nikki $9.00

Holiday Party Nikki $10.00

Teen, Friend of Skipper Nikki $20.00

My Scene Chillin' Out Nolee $15.00

My Scene Masquerade Madness Nolee $15.00

Fashion Fever Raquelle $10.00

That's So Raven Raven $30.00

Rebelde Concert Outfit Roberta Pardo $12.00

Disney - HSM3 Senior Yr: Grad. Ryan $12.00

Cali Girl Summer $10.00

Butterfly Art Teresa $10.00

Fashion Fever Wave B - Asian Fruits Teresa $30.00

Top Model Teresa $20.00

Wal-Mart Shopping Time Teresa $8.00

 Target Special Edition Halloween Party Tommy $9.00

Tree Ornament: Mistletoe Kisses Tommy $9.00

Generation Girl Tori $20.00

Minimum order $30.00No returns            Postage not included


Vanessa said...

Good luck. You have some great stuff there. Every time I tried to google a doll to see what she looked like, the connection would stall. I'm taking that as a sign that I must not need anymore dolls. I will try again in a little bit. Can't help myself.

D7ana said...

Thanks for looking, Vanessa! I have some of these dolls photographed online; others, I need to upload. I submitted this list here first so that my blog enthusiasts could have first choice. If there are any dolls here that anyone would like to see, let me know and I'll post them.

Confessed Enabler ;-D

dance mom said...

Are Kayla and drew ff still in stock?

D7ana said...

Hi Dance Mom! The Kayla has been sold. I still this Drew; let me know if you would like her. My e-mail address is d7ana @ (remove extra blank spaces).