Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Must-See Barbie 2015 Doll Line

Down side: The Fashionistas have limited articulation

Plus side: Three Black doll characters: Nikki, Grace, and "Christie(?)"
                   Several brown-eyed dolls
                   "New" Barbie face

Photos up at



We'll have to get the bodies from another source - if you want more varied and/or natural posing. Enjoy! 


Unknown said...

Hello from Spain: I'm looking forward to seeing these new dolls in stores. I like her a lot of new faces. The worst is that the body is not articulable. I also like their outfits. Keep in touch

D7ana said...

Hi Marta! I like the faces and some of the outfits, too.

Your Barbie has an interesting collection of shoes. And I admire how she can wear the highest of heels. I cannot ;-)

Barb the Evil Genius said...

The clothes are a lot nicer than most of what we've seen recently. I really like several of those dolls, too. But I don't need any more. Clothing packs that weren't pink and sparkly would be nice.

I wonder if articulation just doesn't hold up to the rough play of the younger set. I remember a garage sale this summer where there was a box of Monster High bodies, legs and arms. They'd all been taken, or fallen, apart.

On the other hand, collectors are clamoring for more articulation in the higher end dolls, and Mattel doesn't seem to offer much of that either.

Smaller Places said...

I really like Christie's face mold and face-up in the photos (though I'd want to see a real one)...

...but finding a matching articulated body would be challenging...

I wish Mattel would add headless articulated bodies in their various skin tones to their online store, for a reasonable price. Don't advertise them or anything -- just have some extras for adult collectors to buy.

RoxanneRoxanne said...

Thanks for the info! Is it just me, or does Christie look exactly like Kiyonni Brown?

Muff said...

Wow, Barbie looks 10 years younger. At first I thought that was blonde Skipper, but nope.

That doll that looks like an albino Nikki is very interesting. I would like to have her. I liked several of them actually. The faces, I mean. I hope they in at the $8.99 range since there is no articulation.

D7ana said...

Hi Barb the Evil Genius, Smaller Places, RoxanneRoxanne, and Muff!

Barb the Evil Genius - yes, these fashions look better than earlier ones. I'll wait to see the actual dolls; sometimes the real product changes my mind.

That's a good point about articulated dolls maybe not standing up so well against rigorous play.

Smaller Places - I read that the Christie mold is the Goddess mold.

Oh, I wish they'd sell articulated bodies separate, too. Sigh.

RoxanneRoxanne - my pleasure - you're welcome. The new Christie does strongly resembles KB.

@Muff - I don't care for the younger Barbie. Shrug. I agree that the pale Nikki looks interesting. Wonder if she's supposed to be someone famous?

Thanks for your comments.

Barb the Evil Genius said...

Muff, Barbie Collector has the Fashionista dolls at $10.99.

D7ana said...

Thanks for sharing that news, Barb the Evil Genius. The Mattel Shop also has some Fashionistas at that price.

Georgia Girl said...

Very cute faces! I saw a few that I would love to have. Mattel why no articulation! I see that they are incorporating Grace in there. I wonder if this really does mean no more SIS dolls.

Nice post D7ana!

D7ana said...

Hi Georgia Girl! Every time I see ones I would like to add to my collection, I try to remind myself how I need to reduce what I have now ;-}

Slow going though.

I wonder if Barb's comment about the articulated dolls breaking easily might be the reason.

I'd miss the S.i.S. dolls if they were discontinued.

Unknown said...

Oh wow! I love the new Barbies and can't wait to see them.

Muff said...

Cool beans, Barb! Thanks for that heads up.

jSarie said...

Thanks for the heads-up!

Even without articulation, the faces (and even a couple of the outfits) on those make them seem like they might be worth picking up. Can't wait to see what they look like in person!

D7ana said...

Hi Amy Mayen, Muff, and jSarie! I'm eager to see the new Barbies-in-the-vinyl, too.

Anderson's All-Purpose said...

Some time I'd really like to hear mattel's explanation for the lack of articulation. Maybe it's true the bodies break easier, but if parents complained about that then surely some of them must have complained about the greasy hair as well...?

Regardless, some of those new faces are must-haves for me. Particularly the last one, and Nikki's pale twin (no idea who she might be modeled after).

Also, is it just me or are the eyes painted in a whole new style?

D7ana said...

Hi Anderson's All-Purpose! Yes, it would be interesting to hear from Mattel about both of these issues.

Yes, the eyes do have a different look. More stylized?

Buffy said...

They’re cute, they look like teenagers. I like the fashions but wish Mattel would stop overlocking necklines and hems.

D7ana said...

Hi Roville! Yes, I think they're cute, too. I prefer Barbie looking a little older and having Skipper bumped up age-wise, but other than that, I think they're some interesting new faces.

I had not noticed the overlocking stitching on necklines and hems; that is cheesy ;-P

Unknown said...

Graciasss por la informacionnn buenoo es saberlooo. Besossss

Troy said...

After the last set of Fashionistas, I said I wasn't going to buy any more that weren't articulated -- and then they introduce this line and bring back Lea and (perhaps) Christie, and incorporate Grace (I love the SIS dolls). The faces and outfits -- like others here have posted -- seem nice, and the price point is good.

The lack of articulation is frustrating, and I just don't think it is because it doesn't stand up to play. The Monster High and Ever After High dolls are fully articulated, after all.

I'd rather pay more for articulated bodies, like the Style line. Those dolls are really nice, though I could do without the extra-long eyelashes.

Perhaps Mattel's approach is to have the Fashionistas without articulation at a lower price, and then the Style dolls at a higher price? If they wanted to do that, it would be nicer for us (or at least me!) if the same faces were used for each line. Oh, well!

Carrickters said...

Some of these faces look really nice in the photos. I look forward to seeing them in the shops - and these ones probably will make it to Australia (although they won't be $10.99). For some reason, we get the Fashionista line at about the same time you do but either don't get the other lines (like the SIS dolls) or get them ages after you (like the Dreamhouse dolls which are still fairly rare here).

D7ana said...

Hola Carmen Gutierrez! El meu plaer, compartir aquesta notícia. Gràcies pel teu comentari, besos!

Hi Troy and Carickters!

@Troy - oh, yes, it would be nicer for most of us if Mattel made the dolls articulated, if they left OUT head glue, and if they used a variety of faces in ALL lines. Oh that they would hear our pleas!

@Carrickters - I hope the dolls' actual screening lives up to that shown in the previews.

I would have thought the Dreamhouse dolls would have shown up at the same time as the Fashionistas. Similar lines, see.