Friday, March 13, 2015

The Jaz Difference: Jakks Pacific Fashion Doll Bodies

Goldie asked if I had new clothes sources for the Jakks Pacific G.I.R.L. Force dolls. I will go through my fashions this weekend to provide a fuller answer, but there is a possible "new" source for fashions to fit these toned figures: Kenya World clothes made for Fashion Madness Kenya and possibly Ariana. I write possibly for Ariana because I assume she has the same body as Kenya. My Jaz doll borrowed Kenya's powder blue terry tunic, and it fit Jaz fine. (I have to find the Kenya cotton skirt to confirm that that fits, too. We will see.)

I am sharing new photos of Jaz so that you can see how she differs from all of my other Jakks Pacific G.I.R.L. Force dolls. Most obvious, she is the ONLY one able to sit and to turn at her waist. Less obvious, her torso is made from a harder, smoother plastic, her elbows do not bend at all, and her click bend knees more closely resemble Barbie's than they do the other Jakks Pacific G.I.R.L. Force dolls. Also, she lacks the defined nipples of the other Jakks Pacific G.I.R.L. Force dolls, but she has a more pronounced "tooch."

Here's the Jaz Difference!

Jakks Pacific G.I.R.L. Force dolls, Jaz and Valerie

Jakks Pacific G.I.R.L. Force dolls, Jaz and Valerie, back

Jakks Pacific G.I.R.L. Force dolls, Jaz and Valerie, torso

Jakks Pacific G.I.R.L. Force dolls, Jaz and Valerie, side

Jakks Pacific G.I.R.L. Force dolls Jaz sits

Jakks Pacific G.I.R.L. Force dolls, Jaz and Valerie - Jaz twists

Jaz and some of the other Jakks Pacific G.I.R.L. Force dolls will return this weekend to model fashions that fit them.


Muff said...

I was preferring the toochie girl until she turned around. She's got that 80's fitness butt happening. Very Olivia Newton John. But I quite like ONJ, so huh. I changed my mind. Toochie girl all the way!

D7ana said...

Hi Muff! "80's fitness butt?" LOL - yes, that's the vibe. I like that Jaz's torso is a hard plastic. Sometimes the tooching is a bit much. Say, I wanted to have A Very Serious Moment shown.

Me: Okay, Jaz, lay off the tooching.

Jaz: I can't stop it. I'm built that way.

Jaz and I sigh.

But she appreciates your backing ;-)

(Yes, we are mad punsters here ;-P)

Unknown said...

I really enjoy your blog! Jakks question: I rebodied a Jakks Lucy Liu doll head to a Barbie Fashionista. I'm happy with it, but her neck seems a tad short. I can pull it up a bit but it won't stay. Any tips? Thanks!

D7ana said...

Hi, Lila Phillips! Thanks for enjoying my blog and for telling me so!

Your Jakks Lucy Liu doll head needs something to "catch" on like a rubber washer or a reinforced cardboard ring to stop the head from sinking to the shoulders and reducing the neck length.

Here are links to 3 tutorials showing what I mean:

Muff's way

Roxanne's way

Dolls-n-Daggers' way

Good luck. Do share your results, if you like ;-)

universoplástico said...

Nice to get a blog like this, I did not know about these girls I guess I´ll be getting one to play her and share opinions.

jayric said...

They have natural women body if this dolls give a right detail articulation majority of doll collector will hunt them!

billa's dolls and fashions said...

These dolls are so beautiful, there are so many wonderlful fashion dolls out there!
I'm impressed by their body, really realistic and they also have beautiful facemolds and screening.
Can't wait to see them modeling!
Thanks for sharing

limbe dolls said...

Thanks for showing "The Jaz Difference." I really like my Valerie doll but have often wished she had more articulation. If I run into any Girl Force Dolls like Jaz I will be all over them.

I've been meaning to do a post about Ariana. She has the same body as the Kenya dolls and the same face mold as Denise.

Studio-CyG said...

Nice to meet your blog,what a beautiful ladies,i never saw before,i am amazed with her body movements so realistic.

D7ana said...

Hi Universoplástico, Jayric, Billa's dolls and fashions, Limbe Dolls, and Miniature-Clothing! Thanks for visiting my blog and for sharing comments!

@Universoplástico - thanks for the compliment. I enjoy viewing your blog, too.

Yes, I would recommend at least 1 Jakks Pacific G.I.R.L. Force doll for your collection. They are refreshingly different.

@Jayric - that is what Jakks Pacific was aiming for - realistic athletic female bodies. Some of the public still complained; these dolls are no longer produced.

@Billa's dolls and fashions - I find them striking and original. I am happy that you find them impressive. I hope the sun will give better light tomorrow for my photos ;-)

@Limbe Dolls - you're welcome! I'm happy that you enjoyed this post. I agree with you about Valerie; she's a lovely doll. I wish they'd used the Jaz body for ALL the G.I.R.L. Force dolls. I wish you luck finding a Jaz body.

Oh, how clever, lol. That Ariana has the same face mold as Denise, Kenya's friend. Thanks for confirming that the body is the same as Kenya's. That's good to know ;-)

@Miniature-Clothing - yes, these dolls are lovely. I am happy to share them with you in this post.

Tomorrow, I will look at your blog. I like cheeky dolls ;-)

Barb the Evil Genius said...

The way Jaz's legs are attached is... interesting. I dunno, it just makes her silhouette look a little odd. These girls really work out, and do not skip leg day, either!

D7ana said...

Hi Barb the Evil Genius! Yes, Jaz's legs are attached oddly.

I couldn't imagine exercising that much ;-P

Unknown said...

Thank you! I will!

D7ana said...

Hi Lila Phillips! Cool! I'll look forward to seeing your photos. Maybe I'd like her head on a Fashionistas body ;-)