Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Redressed Mattel Petite Fashionistas 97 Meow Mix - Jeans Themes

Mattel Petite Fashionistas 97 deboxed


Let's say hello to Mattel Fashionistas #97 "Meow Mix" from 2018. Her East Philly name is Katherine Par. (No, she has no known connection to the historical Katherine Parr.) Our Katherine aka Kat-with-a-K is a petite Fashionistas. While Kat loved her kitty-themed dress, she wanted to change into something more casual, something a little more mature looking. So she rummaged through our doll closets. Below are her best fits. Please share them with the petite Fashionistas in your life.

Redressed Mattel Petite Fashionistas 97 in Fashion Fever top and Flavas jeans

Redressed Mattel Petite Fashionistas 97, back view


Kat's first exciting find was a pair of Mattel Flavas's jeans (from Denim and Diamonds Kiyoni Brown) that she paired with a Mattel Fashion Fever cropped white top with silver lips across the bodice. Flavas Kiyoni Brown and Happy D were the shortest Flavas dolls and the same height. So if you have any Flavas fashions for either of those two dolls, your petite Fashionistas can share them.

Mattel Petite Fashionistas 97 in Cali Girl Lea jeans

Kat next found Cali Girl Lea's cut-off jeans. Another perfect fit.


Although the everGirl dolls were intended for younger teen dolls, Kat felt that these everGirl jeans were sufficiently age-neutral for her to wear without looking too juvenile. She might have the pants' legs hemmed.

Mattel Petite Fashionistas 97 in everGirl jeans, back view


Then there was this slightly "off" Mattel My Scene stretch denim romper. Kat thinks that this fashion just missed perfection because the bodice was intended for a fuller breasted doll.

Mattel Petite Fashionistas 97 in My Scene romper

And, of course, there were some fashion misses like a pair of R&D Susie's jeans and a pair of Mattel My Scene Barbie's bootcut jeans. We decided to show those two misses so you could see how those two fashions would not suit.

Mattel Petite Fashionistas 97 in R&D Susie jeans

Mattel Petite Fashionistas 97 in My Scene full length pants

The R&D Susie jeans are not wide enough for petite Fashionistas. The My Scene jeans' legs hang over Kat's feet. "Not good looks," Kat decided. Let us know what fashions your petite Fashionistas wear. Thanks for your suggestions.



Linda said...

Kat looks lovely in jeans, the everGirl pants are perfect for her. I love her face and hair, she's such a pretty doll. Her original dress is very cute, I'll have to put it on my list. :)

D7ana said...

Hi Linda! Kat and I say, "Thanks" for the compliments. Initially, I bought Kat for the outfit, but since she's been here, I'm glad that she came with it. When I find my Momokos, they might want to borrow Kat's dress. It is cute - hope you get one.

Barb the Evil Genius said...

Thanks for all the information! Now I have to look up everGirl dolls online.... Also I picked up a new BTS guy today, the one with the pink and yellow hair. So now my Asian Ken will be able to do more than stand around looking handsome. :)

D7ana said...

Hi Barb! My pleasure, sharing doll fashion tips. You're welcome to them. I've got limited stuff about the everGirls here - some of the links might be gone now.

Congratulations on your V (Kim Taehyung) doll. I love his profile. Sigh. I'd be jealous of your Asian Ken if I didn't have a V here. Kidding, of course! Wishing the young ones much fun!

Shasarignis said...

This New doll is very nice. Thank you to share with us.

D7ana said...

Hi, Shasarignis! You are welcome. Kat and I thank you for the compliment ;-)

I'll be posting the other fashions you'd sent.